Game: Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice
Publisher: SEGA
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS
MSRP: $39.99 USD/$49.99 CAD
Retailers: (United States), (Canada), Best Buy (United States), Best Buy (Canada), GameStop (United States), EB Games (Canada), Newegg (United States), Video Games Plus (Canada), Target (United States), Walmart (United States)
Release Date: September 27th, 2016


The Launch Edition of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice for the Nintendo 3DS will include a collector’s box and a DVD featuring three episodes of the Sonic Boom animated series, available here for the first time on DVD in North America. The three included fan-favorite episodes are “Chili Dog Day Afternoon,” “It Wasn’t Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedgehog” featuring Metal Sonic, and “It Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog,” the season one finale which features Shadow the Hedgehog.

Source: PR Newswire via The Sonic Stadium

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