Welcome to The Pre-Order Blog! Your number-one stop for all the pre-order information you could need on the internet!

At least, that’s what I hope this blog will soon be with time. As it is, there’s already a lot of pre-order information out there, so we just have to jump right in to the rushing stream of information and try to catch up. As new games are released, however, it should become easier to update with information as it comes, so please bear with us as things even out. In the meantime, if you know of an upcoming pre-order offer for a video game, movie, or something else, please feel free to let us know by mailing us at tips@thepreorderblog.com!

Just to clarify what we mean by pre-orders: There are a lot of things you can pre-order just by putting money down; that in itself is nothing special. What we focus on here are the pre-order bonuses you get for giving a certain retailer your money early, such as a free skin from Amazon, an extra map pack from GameStop, or a bonus figure at Toys R Us. In addition, we’ll try to cover any sort of similarly swag-worthy special editions which we find out about.

Everything will be cataloged by tags, so you’ll be able to easily find out what bonuses are available with a given game, everything a certain store is offering, or what a certain publisher has in store.

Finally, you can also “Like” The Pre-Order Blog on Facebook, follow it on Twitter, and add it on Google+. And once again, feel free to e-mail your tips to tips@thepreorderblog.com, while for other matters, you can reach me at david.oxford@nyteworks.net. I’d love to hear from you!

And by all means, please spread the word!

About the Author

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